Terms and Conditions

Peruvian red-tailed boa

All animals are guaranteed to arrive healthy and properly sexed (unless sex cannot be determined due to age/species, but that will be noted before selling). The claim period is the day of delivery until midnight to examine your reptile and report general health concerns. The animal shipped to you is guaranteed to be the specific animal you paid for as posted in the ad. You have one week to verify sex (if applicable). All animals leave in the best health. 

The buyer assumes full responsibility of the animal if no issues are reported on the day of delivery. Animals can only be returned if we made an error so ask all questions and review pictures before purchase. We have no control once animals leave our facility and we cannot be responsible for improper husbandry, inappropriate handling, exposure to other animals, etc. while they are not in our care.

Important! Inspect the shipping box before signing for the animal! If the box is crushed/damaged or feels very hot/cold, be sure the delivery person officially documents this before he/she leaves. Failure to report this to the delivery person will void any guarantee as we will not know if the damage happened in transit or after you took possession. Note: Be sure to read our shipping policy below!

If your animal arrives deceased or injured due to carrier negligence, you must notify us immediately. An issue has occurred during shipping and the proper steps must be taken to make a claim. There is no guarantee on animal temperament, especially for animals that are acclimating to new homes.

Animals are available on a first come, first serve basis. Payment is required before shipping. All sales are final.

Payment plans might be allowed (terms may vary but the final terms will de documented via email prior to first payment). Generally, we require a 25% non-refundable deposit with the balance to be paid within 60 days. If full payment is not made in time, the animal(s) will be made available to other buyers and the deposit along with any payment(s) will be forfeited. Animal(s) will not be shipped until full payment is received. If we must terminate a sale on our end, then your money will be refunded.

By purchasing an animal from Goss Reptiles, the buyer agrees to have read and accepted our terms and conditions. Buyers affirm that they will humanely keep reptiles using proper husbandry and have adequately researched the species. Buyers confirm that they are not violating any laws by purchasing reptiles, and will never release reptiles into the wild. Buyers agree to hold Goss Reptiles free of any liability arising from the ownership of the purchased/acquired animal(s) following the allotted guarantee period declared on this page.

We reserve the right not to ship due to inclement weather and will communicate any delays in a timely manner. We require that the buyer be available to personally receive and sign for the animal upon first delivery attempt. All animals are shipped with a signature required and morning delivery, if available in your area. Our guarantee will be void if no signature is given at the time of first delivery attempt and/or the package is left uninspected.

Animals are shipped via FedEx, UPS, or airfreight for next day delivery in insulated packages designed specifically for shipping reptiles. Heat/cold packs may be utilized (temperature dependent). Our shipping charges typically run $60-$100 delivered to your door in the continental United States and include any box/packing charges. Shipping rates depend on package size/weight and your location. We ship on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday for next day delivery. The shipping cost will be finalized prior to sales. You will receive tracking information. If picking up at a shipping hub, you must retrieve the animal within eight hours of arrival or any guarantee is void.

Any issues must be reported the same day as delivery. Again, all animals leave here healthy and we are not liable for what may happen to an animal while under your care or during transport. Any fault on our end will be remedied.

I have bred reptiles since 1997 and been a herpetoculturist even longer. Most animals produced have historically been sold through other channels (some with standing orders) and not directly by myself as Goss Reptiles but I intend to offer more animals for sale personally. You can read more on the ABOUT page.

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