I have always been intrigued and fascinated by animals, especially reptiles. The likely reason... my childhood home was on a country road with many more critters around than people.

My first breeding success was in 1997. Since then, dozens of species (some listed below) have been produced under my care but currently I only work with a few. Animals live under strict husbandry standards and I am proud to present healthy reptiles of the highest quality.

I strive to educate and am always happy to answer questions. A strong devotion to share reptiles in a positive light keeps me dedicated to delivering the finest animals available. An animal will never leave my care without receiving the best beginning in life and I will contribute the knowledge so these amazing animals may live long and healthy lives with responsible owners.

Please visit my LEARN page to read about these ectothermic wonders, including their care and husbandry. The site was designed to be user-friendly while providing premium information. If you have any questions, please contact me via email at info@GossReptiles.com.

Thank you for dropping by and have a good day! - Phil Goss

Some species bred under my care:


Boa constrictors (various ssp./locales)
Rosy boas (various locales/morphs)
Antaresia python sp.
Sand boas (various sp./morphs) 
Gopher snakes
Corn snakes (various morphs)
King snakes (various sp./morphs)
Rat snakes (various sp./morphs)
Asian vine snakes
Milk snakes (various ssp./morphs)

Rainbow boas                                                 Green tree pythons


Blue-tongued skinks
Prehensile-tailed skinks
Day geckos
Leopard geckos
Fat-tailed geckos
Bearded dragons
Cat geckos                                                       Crested geckos


Box turtles
Redfoot tortoises

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