Pac-Man Frog Care

Common name: Horned frog

Scientific name: Ceratophrys ornata

Natural habitat: South America

Adult size: 4-6"

Life span: 6-15 years

Reptile keeping experience: beginner

Below are the basics for keeping Pac-Man frogs.

Cage: Young horned frogs can be housed in 5-10 gallon terrariums or similarly sized cages. Adults can be kept in 10-20 gallon terrariums.  Horned frogs are not active so they do not need much room.  It is recommended to house them separately.  A screen lid should be used on top of the cage.

Accessories: Provide hiding places with cork bark, rocks, and plants.  Simple enclosures are easier to maintain but feel free to decorate.  A thermometer and humidity gauge should be used to monitor cage conditions.

Humidity: The humidity in the enclosure should be 60-80%.  The frogs will usually burrow down into a moist area but be sure the ambient humidity is high as well.

Substrate: Horned frogs can be kept on aquarium gravel in a basic set-up.  Water quality is extremely important and the entire tank will need to be cleaned after defecation with this set-up.  This substrate may cause impaction so use appropriately sized gravel.  You can also keep them on coconut husk bedding at least 2-3" deep.  Keep the bedding moist but no standing water.  This bedding is easier to maintain and clean.  You can top the gravel or coconut bedding with frog (pillow) moss or sphagnum moss.

Temperature/Lighting: Maintain a daytime temperature of 75-85°F. Nighttime temperatures can drop to 68°F.  A daytime flood type bulb on the tank should be satisfactory for these temperatures.    

Diet/Feeding: Horned frogs may attempt to eat anything that fits in their mouths.  Feed them prey items that are no larger than the frog's head.  A varied diets of insects is recommended.  You can feed crickets, mealworms, waxworms, silkworms, earthworms, roaches,  feeder fish, and occasionally mice.

A quality vitamin/calcium supplement with vitamin D3 is important.  A sprinkle over the insects every third feeding is sufficient for adults (every other meal for young frogs).

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